30 Jan

Subpoena Delivery in Pennsylvania

You’ve probably seen subpoenas being served on television shows, but do you really know what they are and why they’re delivered? Subpoenas are basically orders from the court that instruct people to appear in court for things like depositions. They...
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23 Jan

Service of Legal Process in Scranton

When you need to officially notify someone about a pending legal action, it can’t be done through the mail. You can’t just mail a summons to court or other legal documents because that’s not following the proper procedure. service of...
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16 Jan

Scranton Detective Service

Are you suspicious of your spouse? Do you suspect he is cheating on you? Do you have an ex-spouse you feel may be mistreating your children when they visit him? Or are you in a custody fight and need to...
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9 Jan

Scranton Professional Process Service

When you need Scranton professional process service, call the experienced team at Krayer Detective Agency for help. Based in Dunmore, PA, Krayer provides legal services of process to insurance adjusters, attorneys, and businesses of all sizes. Our process servers, as...
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2 Jan

Scranton Fraud Investigation Service

Have you ever been suspicious of someone who works for you? Do you suspect there is fraud taking place within your organization? But looking into the situation or asking questions yourself could put the person on alert and ruin your...
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