19 Jun

Scranton Notarized Affidavits

Have you ever received an affidavit? If you did, it would have been delivered by a process server, because Scranton notarized affidavits can’t be sent through the mail. Just what is an affidavit and who gets them? An affidavit is...
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23 Jan

Service of Legal Process in Scranton

When you need to officially notify someone about a pending legal action, it can’t be done through the mail. You can’t just mail a summons to court or other legal documents because that’s not following the proper procedure. service of...
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9 Jan

Scranton Professional Process Service

When you need Scranton professional process service, call the experienced team at Krayer Detective Agency for help. Based in Dunmore, PA, Krayer provides legal services of process to insurance adjusters, attorneys, and businesses of all sizes. Our process servers, as...
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