8 Sep

Expert Scranton Process Server

If you’re like a lot of people in this country, you’ve probably seen a television show where someone was served legal documents by a process server. But do you really know what an expert Scranton process server does and who uses them? Do you have any idea why a process server is necessary and why legal documents can’t be sent through the mail? If you’re like most people, you may have heard the terms, but you probably don’t know what service of process is or why the job of process server in Scranton is necessary.

First of all, process serving is a term known to people in the legal field because they use it on a regular basis. It is a constitutional right and a necessity set forth in our legal system so that you are notified of a legal issue, such as being summoned to appear in court. Years ago, serving process was done strictly by the local sheriff. But with the growth of the population, the need for an expert Scranton process server came about. In other words, this job was created out of necessity in order to follow the requirements of the law.

At Krayer Detective Agency we are a bonded and insured investigation and process server agency that can not only do surveillance for just about any circumstance, but we can also take care of process serving, notarized affidavits at reasonable rates throughout the entire state of Pennsylvania. We have 36 years of experience as a reputable service company that is used by attorneys, corporate business owners and insurance adjusters throughout the 67 counties in the state. Krayer is generally considered one of the most trusted process server companies in the entire state.

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