6 Oct

Legal Courier in Scranton

When you have legal documents that need to be delivered anywhere in Pennsylvania, all on our Krayer Detective Agency process servers for legal courier in Scranton. Delivering a notarized affidavit, hand delivering subpoenas, making sure your court documents arrive on time, are all things that are included with legal process service in Scranton.

When you call on the experts at Krayer Detective Agency for assistance with legal courier in Scranton, you can be sure you are getting a process server with experience. You see, we have 36 years of legal document delivery experience in all 67 counties of Pennsylvania. Attorneys all over the state know they can depend on Krayer to get the job done right and always on time.

If you have a case where you’re worried about someone skipping town or doing everything they can to avoid being served, we are the process service agency you want to use. Our team is highly trained to handle runners who attempt to avoid service. And if you need process service in a hurry, we can do that for you too. Our Scranton legal courier service team is among the best in the business. And not only can we deliver your documents in Pennsylvania, but we have a network of reliable worldwide agents who can take care of your legal document needs for you.

Client satisfaction is not an option with Krayer, it’s a fact. We take care of our customers and make sure the services they need are carried out with the utmost care and efficiency. So whether you need investigation services for worker’s compensation cases, child custody cases, divorce infidelity proof or video surveillance for any other reason, call on Krayer Detective Agency for help. You can depend on Krayer Detective Agency for legal courier in Scranton for attorneys, insurance companies, and individuals. Call and talk to our team about our services at 800-249-3704.

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