1 Dec

Process Service for PA Lawyers

If you think process servers work only for attorneys, you’ll probably be surprised at how many other business owners have a need for process service for PA lawyers. Sure, you may have been served divorce papers or had a subpoena delivered by a process server hired by an attorney, but there are many other people who need process servers to deliver important paperwork for them. That’s why Krayer Detective Agency not only offers investigative services, but we offer process service for professionals as well.

You might be surprised to know that engineering firms use our PA process service for professionals to make sure their blueprints and proposals get delivered properly and on time. When a pharmacy receives a group of prescription orders for specialty prescriptions from a doctor’s clinic, they many times use process servers to be sure they are delivered in a confidential manner to keep patient records from being seen by others. CPAs and accountants will use process servers to pick up or deliver documents and confidential financial information to clients. And if you’ve ever purchased a home, you probably realized that the paperwork from the title and escrow companies is sent by legal courier and not in the mail. You can call on our process service for PA lawyers for help.

There are certain types of confidential paperwork that must be delivered by hand, and that’s why so many businesses use our Krayer Detective Agency process service for PA lawyers. Whether you’re a government agency, a trucking company, a medical facility, a collection agency or any other company that has a need for documents to be delivered, you can count on the team at Krayer to do a good job for you. We can deliver to every county in Pennsylvania, as well as anywhere in the country because of our extensive network. So give Krayer a call locally at 540-347-5754 or toll free from anywhere at 800-249-3704. We’ll deliver your documents on time and for a great price.

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