2 Sep

Process Service Pro in Scranton

If you’re wondering what a process service pro in Scranton does, here are just a few examples. When you need a legal document such as a subpoena, a complaint, loan documents, a notarized affidavit, an eviction notice, or any other legal paperwork delivered, you’ll need a process server to deliver those notices for you. You can trust Krayer Detective Agency to provide you with the right people to get the job done for you. Our process servers are impartial third party individuals who are trained in serving process to anyone, especially people who are trying to avoid being served.

Using a Krayer process service pro in Scranton to deliver your court papers, business documents, or any other legal paperwork is a smart move. You see, our process servers are trained in not only delivering paperwork to people who may not know the paperwork is coming, but also to people who know and want to avoid service. You’ve probably seen TV shows where people who knew they were wanted in court did everything in their power to avoid being served papers. That’s something can happen at any time, right here in Scranton, or anywhere in the country. And if it does, you’ll know that your documents will be served, even if people try to run and hide from our servers.

You see, Krayer Detective Agency has been in the process service business for more than 36 years, and we’ve seen more people try to avoid service than most other agencies. So when you hire a detective agency to serve process to your client, you know we have the techniques, the resources, and both a statewide and nationwide network to find your client and serve process as needed. That’s right, not only can our process service pro in Scranton serve process in all 67 counties in Pennsylvania, but we have a network across the country that can take care of all your process service needs. So give Krayer a call today at 800-249-3704 and let us take care of all your legal document delivery needs.

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