29 Sep

Scranton Detective Service

Are you suspicious of your spouse? Do you suspect he is cheating on you? Do you have an ex-spouse you feel may be mistreating your children when they visit him? Or are you in a custody fight and need to prove your ex-spouse is not fit to gain custody of your children? If this type of scenario sounds familiar to you, it would be a good idea to call Krayer Detective Agency to take advantage of our experienced team for Scranton detective service.

It’s never a good feeling to suspect someone you care about of deceiving you. Whether you live in Franklin County, Potter County, Lehigh County, Lawrence County or anywhere in between, you can talk to our team to help with all types of video surveillance or other detective services to help resolve your case in record time. Child custody cases where you need to protect your children from danger or abuse is something else our private investigators can take care of for you. We never want to see children in danger when there is a contested divorce going on between their parents. And keep in mind that most of the time when you hire our Scranton detective service you’ll generally be in a legal situation where specific documents may need to be drawn up.

If you’re in a situation where you need a subpoena delivered to someone to appear in court, the process server staff at Krayer can deliver that subpoena for you too. No matter what type of Scranton detective service or process service you might need, you can depend on Krayer Detective Agency to take care of your needs for you. So give Krayer a call at 800-249-3704 and we’ll tell you all about the services that can help solve your problems. You can reach us during regular business hours to talk with our experienced staff.

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