18 Mar

Scranton Notarized Affidavits

Have you ever received an affidavit? If you did, it would have been delivered by a process server, because Scranton notarized affidavits can’t be sent through the mail.

Just what is an affidavit and who gets them? An affidavit is usually a legal document that comes with a sworn oath that is signed by the affiant or deponent. The person who administers the oath can be a justice of the peace, a notary public, a Judge or even a court recorder who has been authorized to give sworn oaths. Scranton notarized affidavits can be signed to change a name, to declare residency or domicile, or to prove identity theft. Other common uses for a notarized affidavit is for loan signings, for proof of citizenship to gain a passport or to prove occupancy of a location. If you are in need of notarized affidavits, call on Krayer Detective Agency to deliver them for you.

You can count on the team at Krayer to do a professional job, no matter what you hire us for. We’ve been delivering legal documents to all 67 counties in Pennsylvania for more than 36 years. We have the most trusted expert process servers in the entire state, and they’re available for immediate and even rush service for you. All of our servers are properly trained to deliver your documents on time and to the proper individuals. We’re even experienced to find people who have been successfully dodging being served by other agencies. So when you hire Krayer Detective Agency to deliver legal documents for you, you can be sure the job will get done.

The next time you need Scranton notarized affidavits to be delivered, call on the experts at Krayer Detective Agency at 800-249-3704 to do the job for you. Whatever your process service or notarized affidavit needs may be, Krayer can handle them for you.

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