23 Oct

Service of Legal Process in Scranton

When you need to officially notify someone about a pending legal action, it can’t be done through the mail. You can’t just mail a summons to court or other legal documents because that’s not following the proper procedure. service of legal process in Scranton must be done by a process server, in person, so that there is no doubt that the person being served process receives the documents.

It can be time-consuming to take someone to court. And serving them papers if they don’t want to be served can be time-consuming as well. If you try to deliver legal papers yourself, you could find that the person you need to serve is pretty good at avoiding you. When you hire a process server for service of legal process in Scranton from Krayer Detective Agency, you know you’ll get someone who is experienced in finding and serving people who try to run from being served. Our staff knows how to find and serve people, no matter how much they want to avoid service.

Who needs a process server? Most people think only attorneys and the courts use process servers, but that’s not always the case. Insurance companies use process servers to deliver legal insurance documents. Many apartment management companies and landlords use process servers to serve notices for evictions. Doctors may also need a process server to deliver confidential test results or other medical files. And someone you may not realize would use a process server is a film studio to get important contracts, film proofs and other confidential documents delivered to the right party safely and securely.

So no matter what the reason that you need service of legal process in Scranton, you can call Krayer Detective Agency and be confident that your paperwork will be delivered in person and on time. Give Krayer a call at 800-249-3704 whenever you need legal process services or detective services in Scranton.

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