18 Jun

Subpoena Delivery in Pennsylvania

You’ve probably seen subpoenas being served on television shows, but do you really know what they are and why they’re delivered? Subpoenas are basically orders from the court that instruct people to appear in court for things like depositions. They also may be used to request that a person produce a specific document or record for the court. Lawyers generally use our subpoena delivery in Pennsylvania for legal documents that need to be served in a timely manor.

You see, legal documents cannot be delivered through the mail, they must be hand delivered in order to follow the letter of the law. When you hire Krayer Detective Agency, we can do your subpoena delivery in Pennsylvania and make sure your documents get delivered on time to the right people. Of course, when someone realizes that they are about to be served, they may end up running to avoid service of process. When you use our detectives to deliver your subpoenas and other legal documents, we will make sure they are delivered and accepted because that’s what we’re trained to do.

Of course, you probably can guess that subpoenas, as well as other court documents, need to be protected and not get delivered to anyone except the particular person named on the document. Our process servers are trained to do just that. We understand that subpoenas are an important part of the legal process, whether it is a deposition, a trial or any other legal document. We take our job of providing service of process for our clients seriously and we do what we’re hired to do.

So when you need subpoena delivery in Pennsylvania, call on Krayer Detective Agency to deliver your paperwork intact and on time. You can reach us at 800-249-3704 during regular business hours. And you should know that we serve all 67 counties in the state of Pennsylvania, for your convenience.

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